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Supercommoner RPG on

Join the Supercommoner for awesome Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying adventures on

The SuperCommoner, aka Max Porter, is a Dungeon Master hosting nail-biting D&D adventures on Twitich.TV, providing advanced classes and DM mentoring, as well as leading awesome evenings of roleplaying adventure–in person, anywhere on earth!

D&D Streaming – Join In!

Join us on Sunday nights in The Wildlands, a unique world of vast conspiracies and deep mystery.

Sunday Nights at 8:30 Eastern, with mid-week prep sessions as announced.
An ongoing hexcrawler campaign of exploration and high adventure run by renowned dungeonmaster Max Porter (the SuperCommoner) and a cast of extraordinary nerds. You are invited to watch, learn, and join in at any time! Join us on Twitch!

D&D Game Night with the SuperCommoner
in Person!

Now available for you and your friends!

A Four to Six-Hour Adventure for 2-8 players

All equipment, game mat, miniatures, terrain, dice, characters, and other awesome paraphernalia provided.

Based on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Or a horror adventure: “Don’t Rest Your Head”

Cost: $500-$1000 (depending on locale), plus travel expenses

World-class Dungeon Master Max Porter can be booked to run a complete D&D adventure for you and your guests—anywhere in the world! Want to provide an incredible experience of high drama and hilarity for your next event or gathering of friends? All ages and levels of rules-knowledge welcome—from absolute newbies to game veterans. The SuperCommoner will provide pre-made characters, or rapidly guide you through the character creation process prior to the game. The full experience includes gorgeous miniatures, terrain, dice, props, and everything you could wish for to have an all-out amazing time. Let’s go on an unforgettable adventure together!