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About Me

By day, I’m Max Porter, loremaster at City State Entertainment.

You can learn about me on my LinkedIn profile or on my Portfolio site.

By night I’m the SuperCommoner, dungeon master for RPGs at

This site supports the campaigns on Twitch with fan art, news, and information.

Here I also offer advanced tutorials for D&D Dungeon Masters, an ongoing blog on RPG design, detailed campaign settings for sale, and ongoing dialog with other role-playing fanatics.

I hope you will join in the fun!


“I’ve been playing in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by Max for about 8 months and consider it the most important weekly event on my calendar. He facilitates a wonderful game and works very hard to create a world and characters that feel totally real. The quests and storylines he designs are compelling and constantly surprising; they keep our rather large group coming back for more each week. The Wildlands campaign setting is full of rich history and some of the most interesting characters I’ve run into in a game. Max is fair and kind and inclusive of everybody and their points of view. He is great at taking cues from players and tailoring the world, NPCs, and quests to the player characters’ backgrounds and personal history. In short, I would join another game run by Max in a second.”–Paul Crittenden

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