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Campaign Settings for Sale

Run your own awesome Dungeons & Dragons games with these Campaign Setting Packs from the Supercommoner, each with their own set of special rules, resources, and inspiration! Start with these worlds, then create your own fantastic campaigns, utilizing the well-tested methods and materials. The campaigns support many different playstyles and game types. Adventure awaits!  Please use the Contact Form for ordering information.


D&D 5th Edition Campaign Setting Available for Purchase

The land of Otherwhen is a place full of strange magic, unique people, enigmatic mysteries, and uncountable adventures. The people here hold strange beliefs, and every kingdom is a mad world of its own, with weird and often whimsical laws, governments, and a way of life all their own. It is said that a cat may look at a king, but in Otherwhen, if that cat crosses the horizon, he may find himself a kingdom of his own.

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D&D 3rd Edition, Book of Nine Swords, Complete Campaign Setting Available for Purchase

Welcome to the action-packed, world of Idaro, inspired by Asian mythology: a world where politics, intrigue, history, geography, economics, ritual, martial prowess, and magical might both compete and combine to form a dangerous and fascinating place. In Idaro, power has many faces, and the more faces a person can effectively wear, the more likely the chance of survival and perhaps even success.

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D&D 3rd Edition Complete Campaign Setting Available for Purchase

The strange and shadowy story of Darkshroud is set in Skaladan, where Skal IV rules with an iron fist… and the aid of an evil pact with an army of black dragons. The players take on the mantle of the Raveneyes, a gang in the tough streets of Skaladan, determined to get what’s theirs after the king burned their old home. This is a tale of epic proportions, as the downtrodden gangsters begin to realize the consequences if they turn away from destiny… For not only they themselves, their loved ones, and their city, but all of reality itself may fall under the shroud of darkness.

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The Great Escape

Pathfinder Complete Campaign Setting Available for Purchase

In Nakash, the Slithering City, a group of religious folk find themselves trapped inside a city-sized mechanical snake, devouring the countryside. In this intense and unrelenting campaign, it will take all of the players’ determination to survive. As they travel from the tail of the vast Slithering City toward the head, solving mysteries, battling horrific enemies, and struggling to stay true to themselves and each other, the characters desire one thing above all else: to escape!

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The Wildlands

D&D 5th Edition Complete Campaign Setting Available for Purchase. A campaign is also running live at

The Wildlands Campaign is a hexcrawling game of exploration and high adventure that starts with a bang: Choose a treasure from the dragon’s hoard! You have to choose fast, because the dragon’s mate is coming, and it’s angry — Why is it angry? Because of the dragon that lies dead at your feet, slain by your powerful friend. She is also dead, even in her moment of triumph. Who killed her, your protector and ally? Your other ally, the one in the dark cloak. He’s gone – stabbed her in the back and dove into a crack in the floor caused during the tremendous battle you have just gone through. 

Now the rumbling of the dragon’s mate sounds booming just outside the large cave entrance. Every talon and scale scraping as the tremendous red beast roars closer and closer. You have time to grab just one thing – just one item – before you follow the vile betrayer down the fissure. This vast hoard of treasure has many things of value, powerful magics, and glittering baubles. What do you reach for? 

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Sky Knights

D&D 5th Edition Complete Campaign Setting Available for Purchase. A campaign is also running live at

You are members of the Sky Knights, brave protectors of the Flying Archipelago of islands. High in the sky, you train with your chosen beast and battle pirates, explore strange new islands in search of ancient secrets, and go on missions dictated by your order. Now a new threat rises, a terrible war with huge, terrifying beasts of another world. Will you be able to protect the islands the monsters threaten to devour, or will you fall to the strange darkness that infests the heart of your fellow knights before you find the secret of Storm’s Heart island? 

Choose a flying mount from the following list at the start of the game; this will be your constant companion, and levels up with you–Griffon, Pegasus, Hippogriff, Giant Eagle, Giant Owl, Giant Bat, or Dragon (careful, dragons level up extremely slowly, and cannot be tamed).

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The Sprawling City campaign at

The Sprawling City

A cyberpunk adventure using the Forged in the Dark system

Players are members of the FIRM, an outlaw band that runs heists, uncovers truths, and tries to survive in a dark dystopian future ruled by megacorporations. The campaign takes places in a continent-spanning city of almost unlimited size.

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