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Ultimate Game Master Package Now Available

Ready to up your game?

One-on-one DM mentoring with the SuperCommoner is now available for Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop gaming systems and RPGs

Three 2-hour sessions, online or in person, approximately once a week, per arrangement

Cost: $500

Are you a DM looking to take your skills to the next level? Game Master Max Porter, the SuperCommoner, offers an intensive six-hour mentoring package with offline projects and rapid feedback on running fabulous D&D or other tabletop sessions. You will work directly with Max on plot, storytelling, managing the table, encounter design, overarching narrative design, terrain, minis, characters, voice acting, adventure design, and everything else to make you into an Ultimate Game Master. Start at whatever skill level you already have, and get the expert help you need to level up your campaign.

These skills also apply to:


Blades in the Dark



Vampire: The Masquerade

Don’t Rest Your Head


…and every other tabletop RPG under the sun!

Study directly with Max Porter online.

Your personal game style can be absolute magic at the table—learn to unleash your potential to amaze and delight your players!